I’m a self taught Jewelry Designer. My name is Sarah Prince and this is my story.

I grew up on a small farm in New Hampshire where I was surrounded by the beauty of nature. I was a little older then most when I joined 4-H but enjoyed doing various projects that were put on exhibit. I think it was then that I started to dabble in making wood burnt plaques and also did a needle felting demonstration in Massachusetts. As I got older school took a front spot and 4-H was a wonderful memory, but I never lost the interest I had in various crafts.

With school out of the way, I moved out on my own and entered the work force and also began to take my crafting more seriously and continued to dabble in wood burning and painting using a multiple of mediums. I was looking to expand on my artistic creativity and took some classes in drawing and art. It was during that time I think I discovered beads. I found that I was able to create a variety of designs more readily and have more choices at my fingertips. About a year and a half ago in 2015 I decided to start not only making my own designs for necklaces with wire and beads but also put them on ETSY and finally got my own website and have been thrilled with response I have received.

My next adventure will be working with stones and wire, and after that…who knows!!